Competence or Craftsmenship?

Do you want higher income, greater satisfaction, more self-respect and higher levels of esteem from the work that you do? The good news is, you can get it, by becoming excellent at what you do. It’s more then competence it’s craftsmanship — and becoming excellent at what you do is the result of you using your gift.

The formula for your success includes hard work, but here is the big pay off, you will be using the gift you have been given and your passion will be driving you to craftsmanship.

Here’s what a craftsman does:

* The starting point for achieving excellence in your field or profession is understanding your gift.
* What you MUST do to achieve excellence is use that gift.
* How excellence affects your success and personal happiness is you having passion and that’s why you have been given a gift.
* How to choose which areas to focus on in your pursuit of excellence is by working with your gift, the more you work in it the more you get of it.

So do you know what your gift is? Want to find out? (click here)


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