How discerning are you with your time?

Do you let other people decide how your time will be spent? Do you plan your day with regards to how you might get the most out of your time? Or do you get up and just start going, resulting in focusing on action, but not necessarily priority?

Our even worse, do you just start your day without a plan and realize once you have pilfered half the day that there were 2-3 very important things that you totally forgot about?

Tips that have helped me:

* Write down in the morning the top 3 things I need to get accomplished that day. I may not go back and look at it, but it is now seeded in my head.
* If one of those top 3 items is multi-faceted or difficult for me, I start running through it in my head. What steps need to take place? What is the easiest, most efficient way to accomplish this? With everything else I need to do today, what is the most effective order to fit it all in?

Take time to start each day by writing down how you will be spending your time.


One thought on “How discerning are you with your time?

  1. K – Excellent tip for focus and a great way to start your day. Some may find that doing this exact exercise before they close out for the day is better. Determine morning or evening by taking a close look at when you are most focused. Some are foggy in the morning and thinking of this nature can be a challenge, if that is you, then planning at the end of the day may work better for you. You’ll walk into your office raring to go the next morning.
    To your success!

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