Working through the pain.

Try applying Marathon Running to business:

They call it a second wind. I call it working through the pain. Marathon runners pick up speed and feel nothing but the power of the wind blowing by and the rhythmic sound of their own heart beating when they get their second wind.

I believe this is when the psychological impact kicks in. The head starts thinking “I can do this. I can run forever.” Although I am not a runner I believe many of these concepts apply to business. Think about it. If you are a small business owner you started out strong didn’t you? You felt nervous, but passionate and confident. You were going to do things your way. You are in control and ready for the marathon!

After a few months, maybe even a year or two, you start feeling tired. Things aren’t going exactly the way you planned. It’s hard. You are struggling and thoughts of quitting flash through your mind throughout the day.

Apply “Marathon Running” to your business and get your second wind.

You can do it!


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