Time management is just a tool.

Time management is just a tool.

You can use the tool to schedule appointments, to plan time for tasks, and to see what needs to get done. But if you go to the scheduled meeting on a priority topic and nothing gets accomplished, you have still wasted the time. If you never make difficult calls to say no to commitments and to keep the commitments you have made faithfully, you are still overwhelmed and your integrity remains in danger.

Realize that going through the motions won’t produce results. You bought the day timer and religiously worked the system. Your day timer is full, you’re still swamped, and now you spend even more time managing the time management system.

This is missing the point. The point of time management is to have time to do the important things.

Your time management speaks to the world what is important to you, it’s a tool, but you still need to do what’s important.


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