Without review, you will lose your view!

Any doctor will tell you the most important meal of the day is breakfast because the way you start your day influences the rest of your day. That’s true not just physically, but mentally.

That’s why the most important part of your day is your time alone to do some strategic thinking. Setting aside time in the morning to be alone with your thoughts will set the pattern of your attitude and response to every event for the rest of your day.

Whether it takes five minutes or thirty, there are two things you need to do in this time alone that will set your mental thermostat for the day.

1. Read your vision statement. You don’t have to read a lot, just enough until it speaks to you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about something in my morning quiet time that was exactly what I needed to hear for something later in the day.

2. Be quiet for a time. Noise is one of the major sources of stress in peoples’ lives. Your body needs a certain amount of quiet, and you need to carve out time in your life for this quietness. You will be less stressed if you start your day with quiet time.

“Without review, I lose my view”
. Also make sure you allocate part of your quiet time to review the purpose/mission statement you to have for your life and business.


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