Start With A Sales System.

I think a sales system helps both the fearful sales person and the natural sales person. First define a prospects list. A simple definition: People or business that are among my target audience. People who can use my services. Of course, this could be a huge list. To narrow it down to a top prospects list I have to add some criteria.

Ask a series of “sales system” questions.

1. Do you know them? Are they already familiar with you and your services?
2. Have you done business with them before?
3. Do they have a significant need for your services?
4. Based on what you know about them, would you be a good fit?

Then the criteria may filter to geography, type of business for you, and do we have any mutual connections. Even if you are a micro-entrepreneur who loves to sell you need a system. If you are a fearful business owner, you need a sales system even more.


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