How does your business measure up?

Most start-ups know whether their customers are satisfied. But once you build your business to the point of having more than a handful of customers and just a couple of customer-facing employees, how do you know if your business will be successful?

Growth is a blessing but it can also be stressful when deciding how much additional help you’ll need to manage that growth. The right balance can be tricky. One consideration may be to hire ahead of the need. Some business owners are so confident in their abilities that they don’t consider getting an outside opinion. With growth comes new and unfamiliar challenges, so smart business owners will talk to a consultant, mentor, or other industry experts to discover issues they may have overlooked.

When your company was small it was okay for you to be the boss, the worker, the secretary, and the accountant. But now it’s just not practical to do everything yourself—so STOP! Get some needed Skills.. (Click Here)


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