What’s the purpose of your business?

The first step in transforming any business into a high-successful company — is to settle on the fundamental purpose of your business. I know you’re thinking. “Isn’t it obvious?

A clear and compelling purpose is the glue that binds together a group of individuals. It is the foundation on which the collective “we” of a real company is built.

Purpose plays this critical role because it is the source of the meaning and significance people seek in what they do. Research has revealed that the vast majority of us want to feel part of something larger and more important than ourselves. When workers were asked how important it was that their lives be meaningful, 83 percent said “very important” and another 15 percent said “fairly important.” That’s an astounding 98 percent to whom it was at least “important.” No wonder collective purpose is the first requirement in creating any successful business.

Purpose also needs to be made tangible and kept vital through concrete goals and plans. To create a business capable of extraordinary collective work, employee’s need to know not only that they do something important (purpose) but also that they are going someplace worthwhile and challenging (goals and plans).

On this foundation you then can built almost everything else a business needs to be successful.

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