How to Use Marketing to Your Advantage

“How to Use Marketing to Your Advantage” which is important because selling ‘time for money’ is not effective and using your tongue and lips to sell ‘only’ is impossible if you want to be successful.

I want to talk about something a little controversial, my opinions on “Expert Advice”.

If someone does not practice what they preach – they are not (or no longer) an expert. ie.. the professor at University teaching business – and struggles to make a mortgage payment. The internet marketer that sells a ‘Great rich quick on the internet’ product, little else, and makes very little money.

How to find good marketing advice and help:

1. Make absolute certain their “expert” status comes from the real world and not theory/textbooks.

2. If they can’t sell you well (marketing material, presentation, verbiage) they probably can’t help you sell your clients either.

3. They must understand advertising, marketing and PR is a way to generate leads and sales – not “brand” your business. Branding is VERY expensive. It works well for McDonalds – it will not work well for you (unless you have an ridiculously wealthy Father with very little use for his money).

4. Only use marketing that is 100% tractable – we call it direct response marketing – so you know if leads are generated and if those leads turned into sales.

The bottom line is no one knows your business or clientele like you. Do not let an “expert” convince you to do something you feel to be wrong – it probably is and is the reason it is self-sabotaging.


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