3 Tips to Social Network Success!

Following these 3 social media tips for small business marketing will help you understand how to interact with customers in online social spaces and also guide you in building better, smarter relationships with customers on social networks.

Be Social

A small business also needs to demonstrate good conversation skills — after all responding to people is the best way to show you are listening. The point of a social network is to converse, and customers will get bored very quickly if you don’t participate in the social flow. You can demonstrate good listening skills and boost participation by responding directly to questions and comments in a timely fashion.

Provide Value

You’ll find that just your own conversation and participation is not enough to keep a continued interest in your social network. There has to be value in the interaction for people, and you will need to provide the reason for people to stay and participate in your social network.

Learn to Listen

It’s easy to fall into the “broadcast trap” where you spend too much time talking about how great your products are or how fabulous this week’s sale is. In a social network you have to stop broadcasting and listen to what your customers have to say. People use social networks to converse, and the best way to build strong a social relationship with a customer is to be a “friend” who can listen.

Let’s Get Social!


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