Think before you start!

According to cognitive scientists, there are two modes of thinking, intuitive and reflective. In recent decades a lot of psychological research has focused on distinctions between them. In intuitive, or System One, thinking, impressions, associations, feelings, intentions, and preparations for action flow effortlessly. System One produces a constant representation of the world around us and allows us to do things like walk, avoid obstacles, and contemplate something else all at the same time. We’re usually in this mode when we brush our teeth, banter with friends, or play golf. We’re not consciously focusing on how to do those things; we just do them.

In contrast reflective, or System Two, thinking is slow, effortful, and deliberate. This mode is at work when we complete a tax form or decide to start something new. Both modes are continuously active, but System Two is typically just monitoring things. It’s mobilized when the stakes are high, when we detect an obvious error, or when rule-based reasoning is required. But most of the time, System One determines our thoughts.

My experience in business has always been as a supporter of System Two thinkers. What they need more than anything else is a list possible solutions to any problem or way forward before they begin. Now that I got you thinking, are you ready to begin? Ready to create a successful business or life? (Click Here)

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