Ignite a movement on Facebook about your company!

Two things business owners can learn about building communities on Facebook and igniting a movement:

1. Target like-minded individuals. Rather than focusing on gender or ethnicity, engage consumer groups with common interests. Be vulnerable. Part of the bond that ties followers to you is that you share a sense of vulnerability. Treat the followers like your boss. Rolls out the red carpet for your follower. Actively looks for ways to honor them. Put the consumer first, make their dreams your mission, and they’ll rally around you, creating a powerful community. If you don’t treat your followers like your boss, then you aren’t going to understand them, and therefore not evolve to keep up with how they live and act on Facebook.

2. Create a collective experience. With social media this is easy, but it’s only effective if you do it the right way. Successful business owners need followers in their daily lives just as much as the followers need and want them. When done authentically, Facebook can allow consumers to feel like they are part of a larger group dynamic with your company.

If you deliver a great experience that relates to something that your followers are passionate about, they’ll share amongst the rest of their friends and ignite a movement.

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