Follow the Leader.

Select 7 qualities (from the list) that you desire most in a leader:

_____ Ambitious (aspiring, hard-working, striving)
_____ Broad-minded (open-minded, flexible, receptive, tolerant)
_____ Caring (appreciative, compassionate, concerned, loving, nurturing)
_____ Competent (capable, proficient, effective, efficient, professional)
_____ Cooperative (collaborative, team player, responsive)
_____ Courageous (bold, daring, fearless, gutsy)
_____ Dependable (reliable, conscientious, responsible)
_____ Determined (dedicated, resolute, persistent, purposeful)
_____ Fair-minded (just, unprejudiced, objective, forgiving, willing to pardon others)
_____ Forward-looking (visionary, foresighted, concerned about the future, sense of direction)
_____ Honest (truthful, has integrity, trustworthy, has character)
_____ Imaginative (creative, innovative, curious)
_____ Independent (self-reliant, self-sufficient, self-confident)
_____ Inspiring (uplifting, enthusiastic, energetic, humorous, cheerful)
_____ Intelligent (bright, thoughtful, intellectual, reflective, logical)
_____ Loyal (faithful, dutiful, unswerving in allegiance, devoted)
_____ Mature (experienced, wise, has depth)
_____ Self-controlled (restrained, self-disciplined)
_____ Straightforward (direct, candid, forthright)
_____ Supportive (helpful, offers assistance, comforting)

Now that you have selected what a leader looks like, the one that you would follow, why not become that leader? Would you like help in developing your leadership skills and implement them in your life and business? Would you like to become that person? (Click here)


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