Build your business with these social networks!

Here is a list of social networks for entrepreneurs. Some of the sites focus on building business relationships, while others are more of an ask-an-expert style. All of these networks are FREE, though some have fees for enhanced membership.

Dreamstake. Dreamstake provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and launch their ideas. Features include mentoring, funding support, talent matching, and legal. The network has over 4,500 members.

Go BIG Network Go BIG Network claims to be the biggest community of startup companies. Create your business plan and meet investors. Members of Go BIG can either search profiles of other members to contact, or post a request to let members know what they are looking for.

LinkedIn. The largest social network for professionals, LinkedIn has over 100 million users. The “On Startups” group alone has nearly 200,000 members. LinkedIn offers many resources for entrepreneurs. Brand yourself as an entrepreneur, find service providers or partners, and participate with your LinkedIn network to strengthen your profile.

Ryze. This is smaller business professional’s social network whose prime focus is to help like-minded entrepreneurs find one another. Ryze helps people make connections and grow their networks. You can dialog to grow your business, build your career and life, find a job and make sales. Or just keep in touch with friends.


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