Succeed in starting your own business?

Three simple steps to make that dream of yours come true.

Find what interests you. Many of you may read this as “What am I good at?” and toss it aside because you don’t think you’re particularly good at anything. Remove the mental block that says you have to be skilled in your chosen field of business. Expertise and skill can be built and does not have to pre-exist. Write down all ideas that fascinate you and fulfill your goals.

Write down your goals. Have you ever gone to a store without knowing what you want to buy? Chances are you always have a list with you, at least a mental one. Your dream business demands similar action. Write down the list of things that you want to achieve from this business. For some entrepreneurs, it’s enough money to lead to a comfortable life. For others, it’s providing employment. For another group, it’s both. A defined dream means you know which direction to take in search of it. This is the first step to goal setting and is immensely helpful.

Never give up. If the research and tasks seem too overwhelming, ask for help and divide them into smaller chunks. Get a core group of family or friends together to brainstorm, then divide up each idea or task into smaller, more manageable objectives. Nothing worthwhile comes without an investment of time and energy. Remind yourself of how much you want it and what the reward will be. As the Nike slogan goes, “Just do it!” You’ll be glad you did.


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