Clear your mind with…

You can clear out your mind clutter and place your attention where it matters most, with these three steps:

1. Know your focus. This is critical and rarely done well. Knowing exactly where to place your attention is a challenge, especially given the barrage of nonstop offers, opportunities, requests, and needs that compete against each other.

2. Sustain your focus. Knowing where you want to place your attention is one thing. Actually placing and keeping it there day after day is another.

3. Protect your focus. Defending yourself from being distracted by mind clutter is a moment-by-moment discipline. You need to become a master at choosing when to say, “no thanks,” even when it seems like there’s no downside to saying, “why not?” Because there’s almost always a downside.

Exercising your, “no thanks,” muscle in the face of temptation. No thanks, I’ll skip your rewards program. No thanks, I won’t take that savings. No thanks, I’m not going to increase my order size in order to get free shipping. If you learn to automatically say, “no thanks,” to things that seem like a good deal, but don’t fit into your main areas of focus, you’ll simplify your life and free your minds to focus.


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