Are you a M.E. ?

Micro entrepreneurs (M.E.) are the owners of small businesses that have fewer than five employees and have start up costs of less than $35,000 and annual revenue of less than $100,000.

Successful micro entrepreneurs have contributed much to society by creating wealth, economic assets, and jobs. There are nearly 21.5 million micro entrepreneurs in the U.S. Examples of micro entrepreneurs are owners of bakeries, beauty parlors, child care facilities, repair shops, arts and crafts shops, painting businesses, contracting businesses, family-owned shops, auto body shops, small-scale restaurants, and small-inventory trading businesses.

Micro-entrepreneurs face many hurdles, and they sometimes lack the skills necessary to manage the aspect of their business. As a result, many micro entrepreneurs cannot grow and develop their business beyond a micro enterprise. Our THRIVE programs have helped micro entrepreneurs achieve great success and growth. These THRIVE programs have immensely helped micro entrepreneurs who lack training, support, and help in developing a solid business plan.

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