Social media must permeate your business!

We may be very efficient, but we will also be truly effective only when we begin with the end in mind. -Stephen Covey

Everyday customers are increasingly relying on social networks as their primary way to connect and communicate with one another and also make important decisions. The old adage of happy customers telling a few friends and unhappy customers telling many more is not only coming to life in social networks, but also the effect of doing so in social networks hurls sentiment from person to person and from network to network across hundreds and even thousands with every Like, ReTweet, comment, and reaction.

What business thinks about SM:

On average 27% of executives view social media as a top strategic priority and another 47% see it as necessary, but not necessarily as a priority. Again, medium-sized businesses lead the way with 49% placing social media as a top priority moving forward.

Surprisingly 26% of executives do not see social media as a necessary or strategic priority or just the beginning. Responding to them when they’re in need or they’re not sure either way. Are they wrong? We cannot measure what we do not know to value. Executives need help in understanding the opportunity. This is why we must leave behind the training wheels of social media 1.0 and graduate to a new era of greater social media significance, one where business priorities and customer needs.

Listening to the social customer is simply to express gratitude in real time in their channels of relevance opens a door that cannot be closed. Everything begins with the realization that customer needs and characteristics aren’t created equally. In order for businesses to truly become social, the tenets of social media must permeate the entire organization.

In the end, customers will inevitably share experiences whether they’re negative or positive. The opportunity here is that now more than ever, businesses have a say in the matter.


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