What Is Valuable to Your Audience?

Value can mean a number of different things for different audiences. For some, it could be humor, for others it might be entertainment, and for yet another group, it might be data. And the list goes on. The key to ‘providing value’ is first to identify how your target audience interprets what is valuable to them. If you’re a venue for comedy shows, maybe your target audience would find value in posts that make them laugh. If you’re a consultant, your target audience might be more interested in posts that offer helpful tips and advice.

Remember: the idea isn’t to attract every follower under the sun. You should really only be interested in followers who would make good customers for the products/services you offer. So focus your posts on what would be interesting to those people and what they value.

Think about it. Of all the people, companies, and brands you follow in social media, which ones do you care about and pay attention to the most? The ones whose posts are valuable to you, right? If you consider all the social media accounts that have hoards of followers, you’ll likely find that the reason is mostly because these accounts are posting and tweeting things that their followers want. So, wouldn’t the best way to attract more followers for your own account be to provide as much value as you can targeted at the type of followers you want to attract?

One thought on “What Is Valuable to Your Audience?

  1. Great point Kenneth! Value is certainly a factor that should be considered when communicating with your audience. I appreciate your insight as it is a good reminder to keep focused. Know your target market and then provide them with valuable information and have fun with it!

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