Has your life plateaued?

How We Improve:

There’s been a lot of research on how we improve and get better, and on why some people become experts in their field. Virtuoso musicians, for example, are generally no more naturally gifted than mediocre musicians. What they have is a drive and a passion to improve and be the best. Both groups practice regularly but the ones that go on to improve the most spend their time learning new things on their instrument and pushing themselves with complicated scales, while the mediocre tend to stick with tunes that they already know.

Apparently this has been well researched with speed typing! When people first learn to use a keyboard they improve very fast until they can do it without thinking. And at this point they don’t get any better. They plateau at a good enough level. They can get better, however, if they push themselves beyond what is comfortable for them and just keep typing faster and, crucially, allow themselves to make mistakes, they get better. They end up typing faster with fewer mistakes.

How many things in your life are plateaued?
How much do you just do on auto pilot, on cruise control? Are you able to let yourself speed up and make mistakes? How much better might your life be if you could do that, in just one area?


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