Are you human?

If You Are Human Then:

* Recognize and accept your faults and failures. Learn from them, and turn them into successes in the future. There is good that comes from your shadow side, as long as you recognize the shadow and make use of it responsibly and in a positive fashion.

* When you are feeling angry, jealous, or contemptuous, quietly but firmly refuse to identify with them. Look for the value you hold that is being stepped on, and recognize the constructive aspect of these feelings. This helps you mindfully remove yourself from the feelings, and recognize the value that needs to be honored.

* Rather than despise yourself for your fears, have compassion for yourself and remember that fear is a human characteristic. When you can do this, you are less likely to ridicule the fears of others, and dismiss them as unfounded.

* We are often the authors of our own misery. We are so concerned with self that we often create worry where it is not required, fear over losing something we may not have received, and a sense of loss when we compare ourselves to others.

It is only through the knowledge that you are human; by giving yourself compassion for being who you are, every day, you are able to look outside your own world and reach your hand out to others in love, empathy and compassion.


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