Google+ is the answer.

Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook and is about to change the face of search engine optimization (SEO). And the internet as a whole for that matter.

They’ve created a BRAND NEW +1 function that is effectively a ‘like’ button you may have seen with Facebook. The +1 function has already been integrated on WordPress.

In other words ‘Google searches‘ are soon to be highly dependent upon who likes what. Google as you probably know is the most popular site on the internet by a mile… the marketing power this will bring to them (and potentially you if you get in fast enough) is pretty incredible and something I recommend you get on QUICKLY and start ‘liking’ or ‘+1ing’ your sites ASAP as a first mover advantage.

To see this in action
… Go to Google and search a term like ‘Micro-entrepreneur specialist‘ (or anything you’d like to search). IF you’re a member of Google+ you’ll see a +1 symbol to the right of each site on the search engine.

Google+ is by invite only and not open to the general public yet. They’ve allowed me to offer a private invite to 150 people to join… and I thought you might be interested. Would you like a invite? Comment on this post, and I’ll send you a invite. :-)


5 thoughts on “Google+ is the answer.

  1. Google now has the most important pieces of a social network (profiles, activity stream, likes, apps), but there’s still no social network, no magic “glue” that connects the existing pieces. As Danny Sullivan explains, the “+1 social network” is made up of your Google Talk friends, the people from Gmail’s “My contacts” group and the people you follow in Google Reader and Google Buzz, but you’ll soon be able to connect other services like Twitter and Flickr. It’s actually a meta social network, an artificial service that won’t have too many enthusiastic users, just like Friend Connect.

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