Time management is a balancing act.

Are you doing the important things that matter in business?

You won’t get anything important done unless you plan to put it first. Take your valued projects, scope them out, and commit to a time line for you to get them done. Then hold yourself to it.

Consider this:

The average blog is abandoned in a matter of months.

The average business is shuttered in a matter of years.

The average attention span is… oh look a squirrel.

Important matters. It makes a difference, thus not everything is important. There’s no time limit for important, and it is something we decide and drive. Hence when we talk about doing important work, what we’re saying is work that matters, that puts us in flow. Commitments are plans that get done. For example, say you start a blog. How many times a week do you plan to post? What’s the content going to be about?

Time management is a balancing act, you will probably never be able to push aside the important, but you do need to push for important — for yourself and for making a difference in your business.


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