GOOD can be the ENEMY!

What some people do not understand is that we have a responsibility to be our best at everything. When you settle for less you will never achieve all you can or were created to do. Stop thinking that all you have to do is get by. Jim Collins, author of the best seller Good to Great said “Good is the enemy of great.” If you are willing to settle for just being good at something you will not succeed at anything.

Success-Minded People know that we never use our full potential but that is never an excuse of willingly not striving for it. You need to push yourself to be the best you can be at everything you attempt. Again, I am not saying to be the best there is but the best you are. Sometimes that may mean being the best there is. There is something that you do better than anyone else. But all that is required of you is to be the best that you can be – every time at everything. You just may surprise yourself on just how good you really are.

Stop using excuses and just go for it. Saying you are not there yet is just one more excuse. You are there. Right here. Right now.

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