Do you know your Facebook Insights?

Facebook’s Page Insights helps business owners identify where their fans are coming from, what days and time of day they visited their pages, and what types of content generated the most engagement. Knowing more about your fans and what resonates with them can help you direct your efforts. Still, keep your core business and customers in mind. Even if you have more fans outside of your geographical area than within, that doesn’t mean you should completely exclude those who actually come to your store. But you may be able to identify some content that works for both. Make sure you build on what works.

Next think people first: Don’t focus on what you want to tell, instead concentrate on what the customers want to hear—or share. The power of social media is in the two-way interaction. Built up a great base of customers who have great things to say.

It may help to ask yourself: How does this tie into my business? Rather than think about promoting your products and services, what is your business really about? How can you connect fans to that?

Another point to consider is that user-generated content is an inexpensive and less time-consuming means of adding fresh content to your page. Setting up constructs that continuously generate good quality new content is critical to making your page dynamic.


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