Facebook or Twitter doesn’t equate to making sales.

It should be obvious, but getting followers on Facebook or Twitter doesn’t equate to making sales. So what exactly should companies be doing in social media? I agree that all micro-entrepreneurs should continue to monitor, respond, answer questions, address concerns, elicit suggestions, all through social media as well as other means. But to have success in social media, what does that mean?

SUCCESS: is determined by your ability to “Move People” from the relational platform to the transactional platform in an authentic way. But to do this you need to treat your transactional relationship as authentic relationships. How does this relate to your audience ie… Followers!

Plain and simple: You want more customers from Social Media?

Are you finding that people won’t sign up for your services, won’t buy your products, won’t register for your programs. Your time and energy goes to waste, and your business suffers.

Bottom line: your story can make the difference between struggling to get clients and thriving in a business that allows you to serve and influence thousands, and to live the life you want for yourself. Learn how to grow your Visibility and expands your business, and it’s as easy as just telling your story.

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WHEN: Monday, October 10, 2011. 12 pm Pacific – 3pm Eastern (Sign up HERE)

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