What does it take to be a billionaire?

The answer may surprise you. It’s not a fancy Ivy League education, high-powered personal connections, or a genius IQ. No, as Baja Fresh, Sweet Factory, and La Salsa Ignite Enterprises CEO David Kim reveals, becoming a billionaire hinges on the core values you live and work by in good times and bad.

Over a lifetime of studying the personal traits of billionaires, David Kim made a startling discovery: more than anything else, the common denominators billionaires share revolve around the values that govern their words and actions. Ignite! reveals the 12 beliefs and behaviors you must master to achieve explosive success.

Inside you will learn:

* Why most billionaires are self-made and NOT from inherited wealth.
* How to use a simple secret that will improve your daily efficiency dramatically.
* The 5 secrets of powerful persuasion.
* A single step that is scientifically proven to boost your income …and much, much more. Packed with practical advice written in simple language, Ignite! will explode the myths surrounding massive wealth and set you on a path toward blazing success.


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