You need to do it! Right NOW!

If you could change one thing in your life — right now — what would you change?

Here are some ideas; take them or leave them. The point is that major change doesn’t always have to take major effort or major amounts of time.

1. Lose the frown.

All it takes is less than 30 seconds to turn a frown into a smile. A smile literally relaxes hundreds of muscles and releases pockets of stress and tension held in your face. Feel your face now for any unnecessary squinting, frowning, or tight muscles.

2. Take a chill pill.

How often do you hold your breath and suck in the stress. Spend longer on your exhale to support your body in releasing built up stress and tension. Ten seconds on the inhale and twenty seconds on the exhale is a good formula for inviting space into your body and creating distance between you and your worries.

3. Take a 30 second exercise break.

Stand up, roll your shoulders, stretch or try some wall push ups. Better still keep two cans of food beside your computer. When reading an article, grab a can in each hand and lift up to your shoulders and back down again, repeat as if lifting weights.

4. Turn off the TV.

Value your time. All it takes is 30 seconds to get up off your seat and turn the TV off. Do something meaningful like talk to your family or connect to nature by talking a walk.

What do you think? Can small decisions make major changes?


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