Not ready to be an Entrepreneur? Top 2 Excuses!

Saying you “are not ready yet” is just one more excuse. Stop using excuses and just go for it. Below are the two excuses that I hear first, when I ask people why they have not started their businesses?

1. I don’t have the money.

Money is simply a shortcut to getting things done. Without money, you can still achieve the same results; you’ll just need to get innovative. Stop using money (or the lack thereof) as an excuse, and start getting innovative. Haven’t you heard? Necessity is the mother of invention.

2. I don’t have enough experience.

Are you kidding me? Experience takes you down the path of repetition. Experienced entrepreneurs often get into the dangerous trap of repeating the past, just because it worked back then. But that doesn’t guarantee that it will work now. Consider that lack of experience to be your greatest asset, because it can bring about new approaches that experienced entrepreneurs are blind to.

What are you waiting for? Waiting for pigs to fly? Are you kidding me?

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