My BIRTHDAY is Today (11-11-11)

Today is my birthday, and I though that with all the hype about it being on 11-11-11, that I would Google search the meaning of this. This is what I found:

“Dear, coming year will be full of luck and your life will prosper….no doubt. Have faith” (O.K. I can do this)

“ means you have a birthday in November.” (I like this one.. K.I.S.S.)

“*gasp* OH MY GOD! You are condemned!!!!!) (Not sure what this means?)

“Nothing.. it would only mean something if your 11th BD was on 11-11-11 and you were born at 11:11 (am or pm)”(I’m not going to be 11 on my birthday)

“In numerology 11 is a master number so is 11 + 11+ 11 = 33. Master numbers are higher energy but the number you are actually born on is the number that is your number.” (What?)

“111 days into this year is 4-21-2011 or 4+2+1+2+1+1 = 11” (Now this one has me doing math.. Yuk!)

I know that today in the U.S. that it’s Veterans Day, and no, I did not serve in the military… the reason was that “I did not want to be” a triple threat (A veteran ie.. Federal holiday, the special day that is 11-11-11, and I’m handsome!).

Don’t worry, I’m sure that if your birthday is on 12-12-12 or 13-13-13 you will have the same questions! LOL


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