The Internet: A wonderful resource full of interesting facts.

The internet appears to be racing in a direction that is increasingly unaccountable and out of control rather than the other way around.

The internet is a wonderful resource full of interesting facts and opinions which can aid research in all works of life. But when this information is editable by all how can you be sure that what you’re reading is the truth.

Making a factual error may seem like a trifling matter, but the simplest piece of repeated misinformation could lead to any of the following:

* Damage to your reputation as a trustworthy source
* Perpetuation of untrue information
* Potential defamation of an individual or organisation possibly leading to an expensive libel claim

I don’t want to suggest that you turn into a paranoid maniac, scrawling ‘Trust Nobody’ all over your bedroom wall, just take a little extra time to think about who your sources are and maybe together we can make the web a more reliable place.

So whether you’re in it for the money or the morals it’s best to know that you can trust your sources.


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