Do people like working for you?

Posted by Natasha Golinsky

A big factor in your ability to succeed as a leader of an organization is the factor of your like-ability. In short: do people like you as a person? Like is not just whether or not your team respects and admires you but do they feel a true connection to you and relate to you in a meaningful way?

Being likable is one of those critical intangible factors that many coaches don’t talk about but it is so important to your organization’s growth.

Do you know the names of all your key leaders? Do you know exactly what they do inside your organization? Do you know about their personal lives and show an interest in them as a whole person and not just as one of your employees? Does your team feel like you care about them (and not just because they fulfill a role in helping the organization make money)?

Great tip for becoming more likable on purpose: enter the names of all your employees into your CRM software and after every conversation that you have with one of your leaders, go back to the program and enter in the info. Find out (and write down) their favorite sports team, their birthday, their kids names and ages, their anniversary, their favorite type of food etc and then bring up those topics in following conversations with them.

Example: your human resources manager makes a comment “sorry, I can’t work late. My kids are in a Christmas concert tonight.” Instead of just saying “OK” ask “really? Wow, how old are you kids? What grades are they in?” When you get your answer, don’t just go and enter it into your software but also write and schedule an email to go out to that person that next day asking “so how was the concert? It must have been hilarious…I remember my kids’ concerts, they were always a riot.”

Just watch what happens when you get good at this; your like-ability polls will skyrocket.

Natasha Golinsky

Wife, mom, servant-leader, fire-starter… Helping Christian nonprofit leaders transform strategic plans into strategic action.

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One thought on “Do people like working for you?

  1. I was totally shocked to see my own post here! I thought “wow, someone has the same name as me!”. Thank you so much for sharing my post, I’m so grateful for your support.

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