We Don’t Need to Change the World

Posted on 11. Dec, 2011 by Shawn Murphy

The nobility imbued into changing the world cannot be something done outside ourselves. No. Changing the world is noble because it begins with each of us drawing a line in the sand. That line represents our choice to act to make things better for others. On one side is a way that no longer works. The opposite side is a way that redefines.

Tolstoy’s wisdom pulls it back to us. To redefine he accurately noted that we can change the world by shifting how we, individually and collectively, look within to assess what we’re doing that’s not working for the greater good. You define the greater good based on your circumstances. Perhaps it’s your team. Or your family.

Changing the world is an outcome of changing how we each respond to and connect with people. It’s an outcome based on our choice of the other side that redefines.

We change the world by softening our hearts to see how we can become more compassionate. Or more humble. Or more understanding of others. We change the world by a changed heart and actions that help, that make a difference.

We don’t need to change the world. The world is what we’ve created through our choices. What we change is our hearts, our minds, our actions for the sole purpose of improving the spaces in which we live.


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