It’s human nature to avoid people who regularly criticize you.

It’s human nature to avoid people who regularly criticize you. If you’re consistently on your employees case, they’ll be conditioned to avoid you. You don’t want that.

The words you use to your employees matter. They are powerful and memorable.

So how do you use those powerful and memorable words in a way that most effectively affirms your employees? You and I both know that a person can be a brilliant, artsy, good-looking athlete and be an awful human being. We need to go deeper than that.

Instead, we need to affirm employees for the character qualities they demonstrate and the appropriate behavior they show. Be specific when you do this.

Try these examples:

* “I was really proud of the way you handled that situation.”

* “I was amazed at how patient you were with that customer.”

* “I’m so grateful for how kind you to other employees.”

You can make an enormous difference in the lives of your employees just by affirming their good qualities and good behavior.

You can do this. Catch them in the act of doing great things because they are doing great things. You just need to make a point of catching them when they do.


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