Turn your opportunity into a scalable business!


Here the problem with your “killer” idea … no one will buy it! Ouch! Hurts doesn’t it? But I rather tell you the truth now, than have you blow through 2014 wasting thousands of dollars (and possibly all your savings) and spending another year “hoping” it will work out for you.

The one thing that needs to happen this year is for you to turn your opportunity into a scalable business that will take your seeds (of a dream) and make it a realty.

Now let me hit you with something that you will be uncomfortable with!

   The great Michael Jordan:


  Missed more than 9000 shots!

  Lost almost 300 games.

 26 times missed the game winning shot!

 Plus, failing over and over and over again in “life”. Yes, you read that right!

So what does that have to do with your business being successful?

Well, first you better start realizing that success comes through failure. That’s why you need to look for opportunities instead of “killer” idea’s. Most people will start with and “idea” and don’t consider if the idea can make money or even worst, if the idea is scalable. Why is scalable so important? Because if you don’t have buyers your going to fail.

One option it to do a lean start up … (you can watch here)

There are plenty ways to fail in business so learn to fail fast!

2014-01-10_1616There’s always risk in starting a business, but to minimize that risk and to work in a way that is lean and is part of the buyers cycle, will help you to have an opportunity to thrive.


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