The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Heard About Business!

“I need to duplicate myself” is by far the worst thing I’ve heard business owners say. What tops that is when I heard some “so called” business guru say that to a business owner. That just gets my blood pumping, and I feel like stomping my feet and holding my breath until they stop. (Ok, maybe that’s a little melodramatic. lol)

Here’s why …

2014-01-16_1423I could probably list off the top of my head 100 things that is wrong with that comment, or worst yet, some guru saying it. But for now, I’m going to give you the top two reasons that you DON’T want to do that. Think you can handle the this?

First Reason:

 You’ll end up being worst off in the long run: Here’s why. Most of us have a couple of STRONG area’s that we operate in, and area’s that we are weak in too. So lets say that one of your strong suits is “communication” you’re great at telling people about your business and how it serves them. You may be even been to Toastmasters. But your weak in “follow up” I mean you’re a ball dropper. You are always forgetting “who” it was that you were to email, call, or get back too. You know that something that is causing your business to suffer.

Now let me ask you … is that something you want to duplicate in business?

Second Reason:

It’s NOT how business works! If you are still struggling trying to figure out how business works, then let me “let the cat out of the bag” and explaining something that is missing in your business. What is missing is SYSTEMS! You see what runs is your business is systems, and who runs your systems is people. Your “job” as the business owner is to create great system that your people can have success in your business, and in their jobs. But what is true, is that the “job” you have been avoiding, is doing just that … creating great systems for your business and your employees.

Are you sure you want someone (just like you) who is so busy working “in” their business that they are avoiding creating systems too?

2014-01-16_1451You have my permission the next time you hear the comment, “I wish I could duplicate me” to say to them, “that’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard” and then you can share with them this post, and ask them to think real hard about that statement.

Together we can stomp out stupid … DEAL?

<rant over>

4 thoughts on “The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Heard About Business!

  1. I don’t know that I would have gotten as upset as you Kenneth, but I certainly agree. Duplication is dangerous on many levels.

    A smart business leader that can’t get it all done will not only put systems in place, but will also hire support staff that complement the needs of the business. Everyone thinking and acting in the same way is going to lead to stagnation and slow (if any) growth.

    Diversity in thoughts and skills (while aligned in priority and vision) are a much smarter way to grow a business. Your systems will be even better if the right people are developing them.

    For example, in your post you give the example of the leader that is no good at follow up. The system that person creates is going to be less powerful than if someone who was good at follow up created the system.

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