4 Common Misconceptions about Entrepreneur Growth

Next week the Entrepreneur Growth Conference will be sharing with those that attend the conference how to grow a scalable business. For those that will be going, they will be trying to find a quick path to growth and success. This got me thinking about some of the misconceptions that business owners are thinking about business growth.

Is there really a quick path to growth for your business?


Common misconceptions in thinking about growth:

Success Happens Overnight: (that’s what we call instance “fame”) if you want to be famous, like being on 60 minutes, just do something illegal and I’m sure they would love to do a piece on you tonight. That should get you your 15 minutes of fame. We learn success through failure!

I Can Do it Without Help: (the truth is you need a TEAM) There is not one “successful” business leader that would say that it was “I” that made this happen. Just follow Sir Richard Brandon and see what he says. Enough said.

Social Media Marketing is the Answer: Everybody is rushing to “use” social media to grow their businesses, but here’s the problem, you probably don’t have enough time in your day to be everywhere. The idea of being successful with social media, means you better be social, because people buy form people, and if you don’t have time to be there all day, then you won’t find success there. Ouch!


I Have to Work Really Hard: I use to tell my kids when they went off to school to “work smart” and not to work hard. The reason is that’s its “skills” that make you successful. (think about this, people pay you for the skill you have) Business owners need the skill of marketing, sales, and leadership. If working hard was a recipe for success, every hard working  business owner would be successful. (The failure rate of entrepreneurs is 50% at five years)

Is going to a growth conference smart?

(Hell yes it is!) because what  you need in business is to follow “Thought Leaders,” and talk to “Mentors,” and hire “Coaches” to help you find success in business! I know that I have and still do (follow, talk, and hire). What a great way to find them, meet them, ask questions, and watch those that are already on the path to success. So, go off to school (#GrowthCon) and work smart!

“Leaders are learners”

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