5 Best Blogs for Business Growth

The dynamics of business growth must be tempered with the consciousness of stark realities, (SBA, “56% of businesses will fail within 4 years.” Brian Head) Studies also show that most of the new jobs created in a country come from small business and not from large corporations.This combined with the composition they provide to each other and to big business, they both accounts for much of a country’s striking economic dynamism and growth.

Many small businesses fail because of fundamental shortcomings in their business planning and the model they follow. It must be realistic and based on accurate and current information.


Marketing – Sales – Social Media – Leadership – What’s Next

This is why I follow and subscribe to these 5 Blogs on Business Growth. I have them in 5 different categories.




John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing (blog)

ImageJohn Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.

He is the creator of the Duct Tape Marketing System and Duct Tape Marketing Consulting Network that trains and licenses small business marketing consultants around the world.

His blog was chosen as a Forbes favorite for marketing and small business and his podcast, a top ten marketing show on iTunes, was called a “must listen” by Fast Company magazine.




Gary S. Hart of Sales Soup Du Jour (blog)

ImageGary S. Hart led an 800% sales increase over a five-year span for a manufacturing technology company. As VP of Sales & Marketing, Gary accomplished this with continuous sales process and strategy improvements, coaching and exploitation of their CRM.

The company maintained a competitive edge while leveraging the constantly changing market and economy.

His team was recognized as the top sales team in the industry.

He was a guest instructor for the Dale Carnegie Institute and was a key note speaker to numerous associations. His obsession for multiplying sales with sales process, strategy and messaging improvement borders a rather healthy addiction.




Mike Allton of The Social Media Hat (Blog)

ImageMike Allton, “My goal is to ensure that businesses are able to leverage the power and connectivity of the Internet to promote and grow their business.”

Mike started his own website design firm in 2007 when he moved to St. Louis. Though he had been designing websites for years, it was always side jobs and part time gigs until he started his own firm. He now provide professional social media management and Internet consulting full time.

Mike had over 100,000 followers on Google+ and provides daily posting about everything social.




Ken Blanchard of Blanchard Leaderchat (Blog)

ImageResearch shows that leadership is the key factor in influencing employee passion, customer devotion, and organizational vitality. Blanchard’s leadership solutions allow organizations to create results-oriented, people-focused leaders who improve performance, increase retention and morale, and deliver bottom-line results

Keeping up with hypergrowth can strain many parts of an organization. Systems can be designed to scale, but people can’t. Blanchard assists organizations through predictable growth phases—and sometimes difficult growing pains—by working with them to align their underlying culture and human development strategies with their growth objectives.




Gary Vaynerchuk of GaryVaynerchuk.com (blog)

ImageGary Vaynerchuk In high school I joined the family business, a liquor store called Shoppers Discount Liquors that my dad started. It wasn’t long before he became obsessed with collecting wine. He used the site to grow the store from a $3 million business to a $45 million business, and it was just the beginning. Armed with a Flipcam and a NY Jets bucket.

Businessweek’s names Gary the top 20 entrepreneur to follow & one of Ask Men’s 2010 most influential men of the year! In the spring of 2009, with his brother AJ they launched VaynerMedia, a new breed of agency that would help Fortune 500 companies like GE, PepsiCo, Green Mountain Coffee, the NY Jets, and the Brooklyn Nets find their social voices and build their digital brands through micro content and other story telling actions.

A key to thriving in the new business reality requires making the mind-set shift from survival to growth. These blogs will help you do just that!

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