Practice won’t help you in business?

We were all told when growing up, that we need to “Practice”

All of us growing up learned to practice to get good at something: sports, music, or any other disciplines.

But is that true for business owners too?

Feeling defeated in business and life pushes us further into our cycle of trying harder. You think to yourself, “I just need to try harder” or,” I need to keep practicing (like some professional athlete or an Olympian) becoming successful is difficult enough without this “Try harder!” mentality we force upon ourselves. It sucks us into a cycle of “I must do better,” “I ought to be spending more hours at work,” or “I should be more successful by now.”

Let me share with you one of my “aha” about this practice mentality!

My golf coach took me out onto the practice range one day after just hiring him to help me play better golf. He asked me to look out on the practice range and tell him what I saw. I said, “It looks like everybody is here today, and the range is full.” That seemed pretty obvious!  That’s not what he saw through his eyes, and then, went and dropped this bomb on me. He said, “What I see is, 95% of these want to be golfers, practicing their mistakes.”


What he was trying to help me to see was that unless these “want to be golfers” learn the basic skills of the game, all of their “try harder” mentality of just more practice was hurting them. They were all just practicing their mistakes.

They like so many others in business and life have not been given the basic skills on “how to” know and do what the 5% are always practicing. For me my biggest “aha” came when I went from my try harder mentality, too practicing what the 5% know and do. Practice does not make perfect (or successful) but perfect practice will.

Have you learned to perfect what the 5% practice?



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