Why Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day?

Employee recognition is more powerful than any other motivator.

The great thing about recognition is that it can be given in many forms and at varying costs (including free). Recognition is most effective when it takes place on a regular basis and when it is sincere  While Employee Appreciation Day (March 7th) provides a great opportunity to recognize those you work with, but the sad truth is that it wont happen unless you plan for it!


Below are just a few low-cost, non-cash ideas that you can incorporate into your recognition practices for Employee Appreciation Day or any day.


  • Award Certificates: Create unique award certificates.  For example, give out awards for best smile, most upbeat, perfect attendance, go-to person, etc.


  • Milestone Awards: make recognition more meaningful by having special acknowledgement in your newsletters and during team meetings.


  • Work-life balance: Allow employees extra time to attend their families hobbies, kids games, activities, and or reunites.


  • Thank You: Personally thank each of your employees for their contributions.  You could do this verbally; however, you might have a bigger impact if you wrote thank you notes to each employee individually.

“My own experience about all the blessings I’ve had in my life is that the more I give away, the more that comes back.” – Ken Blanchard

The purpose of Employee Appreciation Day is to focus the attention of all employers, in all industries, on employee recognition. Employee Appreciation Day is the first Friday of March.

Please share what you plan on doing for your employees below!


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