What does it take to become successful?

Successful people follow successful people!

It’s funny how so many people are trying to find the answer to that question. “What does it take to become successful?” My path has led me to ask the very same question. The first thing that I needed to do, was make sure I was asking the right person. Which led me on my search for the answer. Not how to become, but who has become successful.

The first question that I needed to ask was NOT how to become successful, but “who” was I going to ask?

Then in walked Jim Britt!

Jim Britt has mentored several of today’s top name motivational speakers including being the man who gave a young Anthony Robbins his first real job and mentored him for the next five years.

Tony Robbins

Jim’s formal education stopped before graduating from high school. His career training began in a gas station earning $1.00 per hour and then on a factory floor making $1.67 per hour. His first attempt at entrepreneurial success he started at rock bottom with $9 in the bank and a borrowed $4,000. A year later he had lost it all…home, both vehicles, furniture, everything. But after that first year and a lot of tenacity the tables turned and shortly thereafter he had made his first million.

You can watch Jim Britt share his story here:

Over the years he has built a fortune worth millions of dollars with multiple streams of passive income from various business models.

Today, Jim presents seminars on personal achievement, entrepreneurship, small business success strategies, network marketing, leadership, and all aspects of peak performance and personal fulfillment. To date, he has addressed thousands of audiences around the world totaling well over 1,000,000 people from all walks of life.

So let me ask you a question … who are you following?

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Marketing: the truth is that they lie!

College marketing professors and media sales “professional” like to tell small business owners that you need to “get your name out there.” That the purpose of you placing ads is to “build your brand.” And that when you “Do image advertising” customers will recognize your company/brand.

The say that once consumers recognized your brand, they will automatically buy from you.

But the truth is, this is a lie.


Let me explain this in a way that may makes sense, lets say you finely save up enough money to buy your first house. You do a conventional loan at 10% down and move in! WOW, you did it, you became a homeowner.

The first couple of months your pretty stressed with your new monthly payment, but your making it. Now this is where the story goes bad, you get laid off at work after only 3 months into your new home, and on the way back to that dream house you get into a car accident. Lucky for you, you walk away without a scratch.

For the sake of time lets just fast forward to 6 month from your car accident. You have no option but to give up the house before it goes into bankruptcy. Why? you haven’t been able to find a job that you can ride the bus too, because you didn’t make the car insurance payment because you had a mortgage.  Here’s some more bad news, in the nine months you have lived in your new home, you have made no payments towards the principal, you were only paying the interest. You have NO Equity! It doesn’t matter how much you think it’s worth, it’s only going to sell for what the bank can get for it.

The reason it’s a lie, is that you have NO brand equity!


Now lets talk about your business. When people see your colors and fancy logo design, the first question they have is, “what does your company do?” If they even care. The truth is that because your brand has no equity it’s has no value. What your brand need to do first is to communicate how your products/services provide benefits to those that buy. Don’t believe me? Just go to the next business trade show and walk the isles and tell me what you find. Lots of pretty logo’s and designs, but no way of telling what they do!

If this is still unclear than click on the Buyers Formulas (watch the video’s) and learn the TRUTH about marketing, and what and why people will start buying from you! (Hint: it’s not because you have a pretty logo)

How to Make a Sale.

How to make a sale

Don’t discount, add Value.


The starting point of every sale, started with an entrepreneur that had;

  • The recognition of a need (problem) or

  • The conception of an idea (solution).

Your capacity to make money as an entrepreneur is greatly dependent on how much of a problem/problems you can solve or solutions you can offer to customers’ needs.


One way to add value:  “Nothing says “I value you” like some face time. Make it a point to schedule in-person customer visits just to check in and see how things are going. This gives us the chance to troubleshoot any potential problems firsthand, and customers love the individual attention.” Says Harry Whitehouse Stanford’s associate professor with over 35 years of experience.

You can also find 4 more ways here: 5 Uncommon Ways to Win a Customers Heart

The reward of a great entrepreneur is profit. In other words, the reward of an entrepreneur’s call is to create a value-adding product/service that is profitable.

So next time you’re tempted to add a discount sign over your product or services to make a sale, think first, “what could I do to add more value?” You make be surprised to see you profits rise and your customers desire to have more of your products or services rise too.

That’s a win-win!

How to Build Trust Online.

 Do customers TRUST you?

More importantly is, “how do I build that online?” If your looking for the fastest way to grow your business online, then I would recommend you start here, with the A.B.C.’s of trust.

 “It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.” Stephen Covey

We all have heard that we need the “know, like, and trust” factor online. But what are the steps to make it happen? I have been using these A.B.C’s for years and wanted to share them with you. (Please feel free to share this Slideshare with others.)

Trust is an inside-out process and is built on character and competence within a company.

The hidden truth about trust in business:

  •  Trust is an economic driver, not merely a soft virtue.
  •  Trust is the number one competency of leadership
  • Trust is a learn-able competency.

When you communicate online, do you think in terms of trust? You customers do, and so do the people who may think of following you. and or buying from you!