How to Build Trust Online.

 Do customers TRUST you?

More importantly is, “how do I build that online?” If your looking for the fastest way to grow your business online, then I would recommend you start here, with the A.B.C.’s of trust.

 “It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.” Stephen Covey

We all have heard that we need the “know, like, and trust” factor online. But what are the steps to make it happen? I have been using these A.B.C’s for years and wanted to share them with you. (Please feel free to share this Slideshare with others.)

Trust is an inside-out process and is built on character and competence within a company.

The hidden truth about trust in business:

  •  Trust is an economic driver, not merely a soft virtue.
  •  Trust is the number one competency of leadership
  • Trust is a learn-able competency.

When you communicate online, do you think in terms of trust? You customers do, and so do the people who may think of following you. and or buying from you!

NETWORKING: Get 70% of your business through referrals!

People who spend time networking, on average, are getting almost 70 percent of their business through referrals!

The most dramatic statistic found in a study on networking activities is that people who were asked said, “that networking played a role in their success” spent an average of 6.5 hours a week participating in networking activities.


However, the majority of people who claimed “networking did NOT play a role in their success” spent 2 hours or less per week developing their network! If you ask me, the time investment is definitely worth making.

Actively networking with others means you invite those people to one or more of the networking organizations you belong to, and that you carry several of their business cards with you all the time, and above all, refer them whenever you have an opportunity to do so. Active networking also means having a reciprocal relationship with others.

Did you know that it is International Networking Week?


International Networking Week® is an initiative of BNI®. International Networking Week® will feature a number of networking events across the world!

What’s it all about?

The focus of these events will be to bring together representatives of government, businesses and the community to network with each other, to understand the concept of good networking and to listen to talks by key networking specialists from across the world. These speakers will offer advice and information on how businesses can grow and succeed through good networking practices.

Invitations to attend are open to the wider business community, members of other networking organizations, students, press representatives and interested parties from all levels of government and business. The purpose of International Networking Week® is to raise the profile of networking in the wider community, recognizing it as an essential tool for success in today’s business climate. (More here)

How much time are you currently spending on networking each week? Do these statistics make you want to devote more time to networking?


You can also join me here on our LinkedIn Group, “Micro-Entrepreneurs Networking Group” here.

Facebook’s Birthday and your business.

Facebook does NOT allow consumers to feel like they get to engage with your company. Don’t believe me?

Watch this:

After watching this very informative video you may be asking, “Now what do I do?” You may have spent a lot of time and money over on Facebook and feel like you don’t know what’s your next step with social media. Well, I have one word for you, “Google+.”

Two things business owners can learn about building communities on Google+ and igniting a movement, plus having success again with Social Media:


Target like-minded individuals.

Rather than focusing on gender or ethnicity, engage consumer groups with common interests. Be vulnerable. Part of the bond that ties followers to you is that you share a sense of vulnerability. Treat your circles like rock stars. Rolls out the red carpet for your engagers. Actively looks for ways to honor them.

The BIG (+) Plus, put the consumer first, make their dreams your mission, and they’ll rally around you, creating a powerful community. If you don’t treat your circles like your friends, then you aren’t going to understand them, and therefore not evolve to keep up with how they live and act on Google+.

My friend Martin Shervington, on Google+ show’s you  “5 quick marketing steps for building opt-in Circles on Google+.”


Create a collective experience.

With social media this is easy, but it’s only effective if you do it the right way. Successful small business owners need customers in their daily lives just as much as the need and want them. When done authentically, Google+ can allow consumers to feel like they are part of a larger group dynamic with your company.

One of my other friends on Google + is Wade Harman and every week he talks about the different aspects of Relationship Marketing for your social media platforms and Google+. You can read about “3 components to relationship building.”


If you deliver a great experience that relates to something that your circles are passionate about, they’ll share amongst the rest of their friends and ignite a movement.

Give yourself a present on Facebook’s birthday and join me on Google+.

Can you become a ENTREPRENEUR?

Do you have what it takes tobe an entrepreneur?

Among the hardest transitions for individuals to make is move from the employee to the entrepreneur mentality. The idea of starting out on your own, and getting your own business is a great dream. It’s the desire of a lot of individuals to leave their jobs and become a successful business owner.

However, there is a transition that you have to make from the employee mentality to the entrepreneur mentality, and if you don’t, then that dream could end in a nightmare.

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